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Contains two types of specially selected Bacillus sp. ( subtilis FMN-68, licheniformis FMN-151) and secondary metabolism - Surfactin produced through patent solid-state fermentation.
Surfactin is a kind of biosurfactant composed of amphiphile compounds that contain both hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups within the molecule.
The amphiphile feature of surfactin can change the bacterial cell wall's surface tension and kill the bacteria without harming other intestinal probiotics.

Muco-defen® can
Inhibit the growth of pathogen bacteria, including Clostridium perfringens and Brachyspira hyodysenteriae by the in vitro experiments.
Create a favorable gastrointestinal environment for animals and stimulate the digestive enzymes to increase FCR.
Pig farm: the increasing feed intake, higher uniformity and better feces formation in piglets.
Layer farm: the better feces formation leads to higher clean egg production and lowers the feed to egg ratio.