• Life Rainbow Biotech will participate in Livestock Taiwan EXPO


    Livestock Taiwan Expo & Forum (Livestock Taiwan) is the only premier B2B trading platform for livestock industry in Taiwan. Livestock Taiwan is positioned to be a one-stop comprehensive international B2B trade show which will showcase innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable livestock technology, products and services.


    In this event Life Rainbow will present mycotoxin solution and the know how of improving the performances of economic animals by enhancing their immunity and intestinal health.  


    We welcome you to visit us at stand H12 and it is our pleasure to share with you our innovative solution for livestock animals in natural and healthy way!  


    Further Information of the exhibition:

    Time: 28-30 Sep. 2017

    Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall



  • Life Rainbow Biotech will participate in VIV Asia 2017


    VIV Asia is an international trade show held in Bangkok, and also the largest platform from feed to food for Southeast Asia. It includes farms, food, health and equipment to the process of meats and dairy products, packaging, transport and conservation.


    Life Rainbow Biotech Co., Ltd. will be in this event to present our innovative solution in mycotoxin prevention, immune enhancement, and intestinal health for livestock and aquaculture animals.


    We welcome you to come and visit our stand at H103.562 in VIV ASIA, and let us share with you our solution in natural way!


    Further Information of the exhibition:

    Time: March 15-17,2017

    Location: BITEC | Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre,Bangkok, Thailand




  • New Year greeting from Life Rainbow Biotech


    Time passed by quickly. 2016 has been a blessing year for Life Rainbow Biotech with the construction of new factory and with our first exhibition show in Vietnam.


    We are grateful for your support. In the coming year, we will keep on providing natural feed additives with competitive quality. The routine monitor on mycotoxin pollution will surely continue together with other animal research projects.


    In the coming year of ROOSTER, we would like to wish you happiness and health following by a growing business.  

  • Product composed of selected Bacillus sp. was released by Life Rainbow Biotech during Vietstock 2016


    Vietstock 2016 was a successful event for Life Rainbow Biotech to interact with the other Asian countries. The booth was constantly busy with our business partners and some potential ones. We had great discussion with local farmers (via translators, of course), nutritional specialists, and distributors from nearby countries. It is fruitful for us to learn how our products can help livestock to reach a better performance with less use of antibiotic.


    During the exhibition, the new product Muco-defen® was introduced to the market. It received strong attention. After 4 years research and development, Bacillus subtilis FMN-68 and Bacillus licheniformis FMN-151 are selected because of its anti-bacterial effects toward germ positive bacteria. Together with other components against germ negative bacteria, Muco-defen® aims to replace antibiotic used as growth stimulator in feed. For more information, please look at our product introduction.


    Vietstock 2016 was very beneficial for the company to understand how our science can meet other countries’ need. We are looking forward to VIV ASIA, our next exhibition in 2017 to meet more people globally. 



  • Life Rainbow will participate in Vietstock 2016 Expo & Forum in Vietnam


    Life Rainbow Biotech is going to present in Vietstock 2016 Expo & Forum.

    Vietstock is Vietnam's Premier International Feed, Livestock & Meat Industry Show.

    With the theme, "Enhancing Food Safety for Domestic & Export Markets", Vietstock is looking for another success in the livestock industry.

    Due to the rapid change in climate, mycotoxin pollution has become severe globally. To fight against mycotoxin and to increase the animal’s health status, Life Rainbow biotech will introduce Toxi-Free (advanced mycotoxin solution) and Easy-immune (natural immune booster) to the Vietnamese livestock industry.

    Practical information:

    Time: 19 - 21 October 2016.

    Location: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • Life Rainbow sponsored the 2016 Taiwan Mycotoxin Forum on May 12th.


    “Many thanks to Life Rainbow Biotech for sponsoring the academic activity on mycotoxin pollution in animal feed” said by Dr. Vincent Cheng, the head of Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science in National Yilan University, Taiwan.

    The 2016 Taiwan Mycotoxin Forum hold on the 12th of May in Taiwan, is the joint effort of National Ilan University and National Chiayi University. The forum successfully gathered related professors, experienced technicians from major feed mills, pig farmers, integrators and distributors together to spread and discuss the latest findings on feed mycotoxin pollution.

    Dr. Imourana, researcher from INRA ToxAlim, Toulouse, was invited as keynote speaker. He shared the significant results on how mycotoxins target immune system in pigs and compromise the specific immune activity. The compromising effects cause by mycotoxin will not only decrease the pig immunity but also breakdown the vaccine efficacy. He pointed out that the disease may even outbreak in the properly vaccinated pigs due to the mycotoxin pollution in feed. With respect to multi-mycotoxin contamination, Dr. Imourana shared his literature survey in the related studies from 1986 to 2013 with us. Two important messages are: Multi-mycotoxin contamination in feed is a common situation worldwide. Under low concentration, the main type of interaction among Trichothecenes is synergy.

    Dr. Change, professor from Department of Veterinary Medicine in National Chiayi University, showed the audience several farm cases on the harmful results lead by mycotoxin pollution regarding growth performance, reproductive performance and diseases. With a global view, Dr. Change discussed the real situation from local farms with the audiences.

    Professor Cheng demonstrated the harmful effects and the underlying mechanism on how mycotoxin can be harmful for poultry with the focus on growth performance and disease outbreak. Also he shared his knowledge on the pros and cons of existing mycotoxin treatments in feed. 


    Last but not least, Life Rainbow Biotech released the lab results on the mycotoxin contamination level in the commercial feed in Taiwan during 2015. During the Q&A section, many questions were raised. The speakers and audiences had a great time discussing about their experience and the proper treatment for mycotoxin.

    Although 2016 Taiwan Mycotoxin Forum is a local academic activity, we are really flattered to have guests from Vietnam and China to join us on this event and to have welcome dinner with us. It had been a great time learning and discussing with people from different fields. Life Rainbow will continue on our research in mycotoxin and on providing advanced mycotoxin solution with our specialty.        

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